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The Solar Flare, Ready For Its Close-Up

So, how are those solar flares working for ya? Got cell phone signal problems? Satellite TV cutting out? Is your GPS sending you into a lake?

Let’s take a look at this thing, close up:

That’s some high def footage of Tuesday’s x5.4 (that’s pretty huge) flare shot by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. That… is cool. Also a little scary, if it screws with power grids and air-to-ground communication. But some of you will get to see some great Northern Lights action, so there’s that to watch if your satellite TV goes dark. Stay strong and we’ll get through this together.

HT: Geekosystem


  1. George says:

    ‘Heliophysics’ does sound much more legit than ‘Sunphysics’.

  2. Alec says:

    If NASA wants to appeal to today’s modern audience, they should add some carefully timed dubstep to coincide with the pulses.