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“The Social Network” – in about a minute

Are you thinking about seeing “The Social Network”?  Wait! Just watch this vid from everyone’s favorite Taiwanese animators, Next Media Animation.  They give you the whole story (and then some) in about a minute.  You just saved $10 and an hour and 45 minutes.

via  Next Media Animation


  1. Maxam says:

    Wow they nailed the movie. All the important parts are there in the summary.

  2. @Jonathan “And people always told me a gazillion wasn’t a real number.”

    Yeah, now whenever I hear “a gazillion,” I’ll know they really mean “500 million.”

    Also, is there a side business in identity theft, such that they want us to think it’s normal to have your checks imprinted with your social security number? Though, to be fair, on checks I do indeed always write “smackers.”

  3. ILS says:

    who likes “my cat just threw up”? lol

  4. Jonathan says:

    And people always told me a gazillion wasn’t a real number.

    Shows what they know….

  5. Justin t says:

    That was strangely arooouuusing

  6. Jago says:

    “Thinking of hanging yourself? I like this!”

    Jeez, thanks, friend.

  7. Deltus says:

    “thus allowing them to fulfill their yellow fever fantasies”.


  8. That’s about perfect for the level of interest I had in seeing that movie, thanks!


  9. Terry Hardwick says:

    OK. I will just say it. What the hell was the chicken for?