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The Sklars Try Richard Blais’ Super Bowl Pigskin Burger


The Super Bo… wait, are we allowed to say it? Or are we supposed to say “The Big Game”? Well, this isn’t an ad nor a promotion, so Super Bowl it is, and, yes, the Super Bowl is coming up in less than two weeks. That means football, that means commercials, that means a disappointing halftime show, that means hype, and, above all, that means food. That’s why the Sklar Brothers of the Nerdist Channel’s Nerd Down and 10 are on celebrity chef Richard Blais’ Burger Lab this week, wearing their St. Louis Rams aprons, grilling and tasting the “Super Bowl Pigskin Burger,” a huge burger with ground pork shoulder, topped with bacon in a marmalade with a ranch-and-sriracha sauce and, of course, cheese, on a bun brushed with bacon drippings. Pig on pig on pig on… well, lots of pig. Is it good? Watch the video from Tasted and see.

(For me, the Super Bowl’s all about the beef-bean-beer chili I make every year while lamenting another busted Eagles season, but burgers are good, too.)

Listen to the Sklars on Sklarbro Country


  1. If only the writers of the Torah and the Talmud could have traveled through time to the present to see this, they would have required the eating of pork during Passover rather than forbidding its consumption altogether.