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THE SIMS 4 Gameplay Trailer: Oh No, They’re Learning

THE SIMS 4 Gameplay Trailer: Oh No, They’re Learning

This morning, EA released a new gameplay trailer for The Sims 4, touting the new and improved smarts of the game’s virtual people. Also, the publisher really wants you to know that the Sims have an extra dose of freaky this time around.

Luchadores, astronauts, and toothy plants make up some of the new and improved goofiness of the virtual people sequel. According to the publisher and developer Maxis, the new game will feature new emotions for the Sims, allowing players to craft their own stories around the lives of their jibber jabber-talking people. Additionally, The Sims 4 will include an extensive character customization system which will offer more sliders and buttons to manipulate your characters’ appearances beyond the basic presets. Whether you decide to trap them in a doorless, windowless house of doom is entirely up to you.

The September release will also feature updated customization options for props and items and players can now share their Sims and creations with other users.

The Sims 4 will be available on the PC/Mac on September 2. EA is offering a Digital Deluxe Edition which includes the Up All Night expansion which will add club and party themed content to the game.

From the publisher:

“The Sims 4 is the highly anticipated life simulation game that lets you play with life like never before. Create new Sims with intelligence and emotion. Experience all new intuitive and fun creative tools to sculpt your Sims and build unique homes. Control the mind, body, and heart of your Sims, and bring your stories to life.”