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THE SIMS 4: CREATE A SIM Promises Diversity, Sick Muscles

THE SIMS 4: CREATE A SIM Promises Diversity, Sick Muscles

EA’s latest video for The Sims 4 just proves that I’m very, very different from the target player for this franchise. Case in point: I will not heavily design or customize my Sims because I know that their time on their (virtual) world will be short. And weird.

But for the rest of you who’d like to see your Sims live long and interesting lives, there’s the updated Create A Sim mode for The Sims 4, which is promising quite a few new tools and modification options if you want to get really, really particular about your virtual people.

Beyond the usual additions to the clothing and face options, EA and developer Maxis are adding smart tools to allow you to manipulate your not-at-all-doomed Sims’ faces. The big one is Detail Mode which allows you to get in really close and select highlighted regions of your character’s face, so you can manipulate everything from mustache placement, to cheekbone height, to the presence of laugh lines. To show off the flexibility of the new character creation tools, Maxis provided a quick look at the Sims created in-game for members of the development team. Some of the tools look very tablet-friendly – could there be an iPad Sims 4 on the horizon?

Again, I have to wonder at this level of detail in a game where the perspective is usually pulled so far back that clothing and hair are usually the main cues you’ll use to identify which Sim is which.

EA hasn’t provided a release date yet for Sims 4, but it should be out on the PC sometime this year.