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The Saturday Evening Post Mortem: 10/13-10/18

Saturday Clown

On Saturday, even clowns take the day off, a tradition depicted in this Norman Rockwell classic. As Mr. Rockwell himself used to say, “Instead of doing something, do nothing! Watch TV! It’s American!”

It’s Saturday evening. You’ve had a long day of activities and you just want to kill some hours by clearing some of the build up off your DVR. With so many choices and so little time, how ever will you choose?  What should you watch? I’m going to tell you!

I spend every week watching all TV, so that I can report the “best of the rest,” so to speak. The stuff we didn’t recap, but that you should check out! So sit back and read my Saturday evening post mortem of the week!


Aqua TV Show Show (formerly Aqua Teen Hunger Force) – Gross. This episode was gross. “Piranha Germs” is not as funny as some of the better episodes, but it IS disgusting. Watch at your own risk. Lots of raw food handling and germs and *shudder*

Bob’s Burgers – No show this week. That makes me super sad. Instead… let’s enjoy one of my favorite moments from this show’s history… here. (IT’S NOT OKAY!)

The Simpsons – Same here. Skip week. Bummer.


Adventure Time with Finn and Jake – In “Red Starved,” our heroes are trapped in an underground city of sand with a starving Marceline and a lack of red… Fantastic addition to a virtually flawless run of episodes this season.


NICK_New GirlNew Girl – I learned this week that I’m basically Nick. In “The Box,” it’s revealed, after he comes into a large sum of money, that Nick has a box full of unpaid bills in his closet. This upsets Jess, and she attempts to make him see the error of his ways. I guess I also learned that I shouldn’t keep my bills in a box either. So… if anyone knows a good accountant…

Chicago Fire – “A Nuisance Call” goes horribly wrong in this rather dark episode. The show has been light on the fire/rescue end of things so far this season. This episode doesn’t improve that much, but at least the impetus for Shay’s storyline came from something job related instead of personal.


South Park – Ooops

Modern Family – “The Late Show” is my new favorite episode. From start to finish, everything that makes this show work best is on display. It also uses one of my favorite songs, “Midnight Train to Georgia” by Gladys Knight & the Pips, to set up two separate gags and underscore one of the more emotionally charged scenes of the series. If this one isn’t on your DVR, go watch it here

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – BOTTLE EPISODE! The gang quarantine themselves in the bar to avoid a flu outbreak in the city of brotherly love.

bringer showThe League -  “The Bringer Show” takes its title from a term used by young stand-up comics. Early on they have to bring people to a club in order to perform, a “bringer show”. The comic in question is Andre and (of course) he’s horrendously unfunny. Meanwhile, Jenny wants to join the Lucrative Ladies Club, so she makes up a fake husband because Kevin isn’t fancy enough. Meanwhile, Kevin is basically an albino gorilla in this episode as he grunts, and is literally covered in dirt before the show ends.


ron-swansonParks and Recreation –  If you’re a Ron Swanson fan then, “Gin It Up” is a must see. You will learn the contents of Swanson’s Will. I won’t spoil it here; go watch it. It’s worth it for the will reading alone.



This was not a good Friday night for TV. Does anyone watch any shows I should check out on Fridays? Someone mentioned Korra, and I checked it out but it wasn’t really for me, as I’ve never been much of an Airbender fan. Any other suggestions out there? You certainly have enough TV to fill your Saturday evening, but please chime in with comments or tweets if you have any strong Friday night contenders.

See you next week!