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The Saddest Thing At WonderCon: Super Emo Friends

The Saddest Thing At WonderCon: Super Emo Friends

It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement of WonderCon. There were a slew of incredible collectible comics and figurines, awesome cosplays, and a swarm of nerds willing to rant on about the latest and greatest in nerdom. Sadly, the scene wasn’t so cheerful for everyone at WonderCon, especially when folks stumbled upon the Super Emo Friends booth.

Created by artist J. Salvador, he reimagines the truth behind beloved comic and pop culture characters in a way too honest and depressing manner. From Rogue’s “I just want to cuddle” to Harley Quinn’s “He doesn’t love me,” you just can’t help but break a little on the inside and want to hug the little 5×7 portraits till they’re all better.

Grab some tissues and take a look at some of the Super Emo Friends images yourself:

If you missed your chance to cry at WonderCon, you can check out Salvador’s work here and purchase a piece of heartache for $15.


  1. April says:

    Deadpool still looks happy as fuck xD

  2. Chasdiel says:

    This is sone great stuff! Deadpool’s still an ass XD Still, I wish I had prints of these.

    PS: I still think the most touching Wolverine comic was the one where he invited Peter Parker out on his birthday. That made me utter an audible D’awwww

  3. Britt says:

    J is one of the most talented artists! So glad to see Nerdist notices! :)