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THE RING Director Returns to Horror with A CURE FOR WELLNESS Trailer, and More Movie Stories

THE RING Director Returns to Horror with A CURE FOR WELLNESS Trailer, and More Movie Stories

Mighty Marvel strikes again! After yesterday’s teaser for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, another hugely anticipated entry in a Marvel superhero franchise (albeit the sole remaining one managed by another studio) has a trailer arriving online today. I’m talking of course about everyone’s favorite Canadian mutie Wolverine in Logan. You can watch a video tease of the film in today’s Movie Morsels. Plus, we’ve got some exciting casting updates for Mary Poppins Returns and Alita: Battle Angel, and much more. So let’s get Morselin’…

A Cure for Wellness

Last but not least today, here’s a little something to make your Halloween season scarier. It’s a creepy new trailer and poster for Gore “The Ring” Verbinski’s return to horror filmmaking: A Cure for Wellness. The film stars The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Dane DeHaan as a business executive who goes searching for his missing CEO and winds up visiting a Swiss spa from Hell! After Rango and more Pirates of the Caribbean movies than are even healthy to watch, does the director still have what it takes to frighten audiences? We’ll find out when A Cure for Wellness opens on February 17th!

Admittedly, the use of a slowed-down version of a popular song in a trailer is, by now, pretty cliche. But the visuals look terrific!


[A Cure for Wellness]


The big bad teaser for Hugh Jackman’s final spin (or snikt!) as Wolverine in Logan hits the interwebs today. But ‘ol Hugh, being the Aussie gentleman that he is, just had to give us all one little early look-see. Take a peek, pilgrims…

“Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long…” Ah, ya just gotta love it. If Logan‘s script delivers more bon mots like this, than we’re probably looking at the best Wolverine solo movie to date, and a fitting swan song for Jackman as he exits the role. I for one am gonna miss Hugh. He’s taller and a lot better looking than the Wolvie of the comic books, but he’s owned the role in a way that few actors portraying superheroes on screen have.


Mary Poppins Returns


Colin Firth demonstrated his love of umbrellas in Kingsman: The Secret Service (pictured above). So it makes a kind of sense that for his next film role he’s hitching his wagon to the most iconic parasol-carrier this side of the Penguin! Yes, Firth is joining the cast of Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns. The English superstar will play “William Weatherall Wilkins, president of Fidelity Fiduciary Bank.” As longtime Poppins fans well know, the Fidelity Fiduciary Bank is where the father of Jane and Michael Banks (now played by Emily Mortimer and Ben Whishaw) worked in the original Mary Poppins. So does this mean Firth is to play a kind of surrogate for Mr. Banks? Will he be an antagonist in the film? If so, I’m guessing a little of Emily Blunt’s magic as the new Mary will sort him out.


Alita: Battle Angel


More casting news today, and it should put a smile on the faces of fans of Marco Polo and Alita: Battle Angel. Leonard Wu, who stars in the Netflix hit series (pictured above), has nabbed a role in executive producer James Cameron and director Robert Rodriguez’s adaptation of the manga classic. Wu will play Kinuba, who, like Alita herself, is a cyborg, and a most powerful one at that. What’s most noteworthy about this film is the diversity of its cast—Rosa Salazar, Jackie Earle Haley, Eiza Gonzalez, Lana Condor, and Christoph Waltz—though it has frustratingly followed Ghost in the Shell‘s lead as an American adaptation of an Asian property that refuses to put an Asian in its lead role.


Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Hey, speaking of swan songs and umbrellas and kick-ass women in adaptations, Milla Jovovich is having one final go as the Umbrella Corporation-battling, messianic Alice in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. And the ever-likable Ms. J appears determined to go out with as big a bang as possible. Check out the new international trailer for the January 27th release…



What do you think of today’s top stories? Let us know below!

Featured Image: 20th Century Fox

Images: 20th Century Fox, Netflix

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