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The Red Viper vs The Mountain, as Depicted in DARK SOULS

The Red Viper vs The Mountain, as Depicted in DARK SOULS

Still feeling the proverbial sting from last Sunday’s intense battle between The Red Viper and The Mountain? Well, perhaps this Dark Souls mod will lessen that sting, allowing players to skin their Dark Souls character as the fallen Prince from Game of Thrones. Check out the photos below:




With the exception of Oberyn Martell appearing as a blonde, I’d say this is a pretty accurate visual recreation of Sunday night’s showdown between the Mountain and the Viper, especially from a size standpoint. And now the outcome is totally in the hands of the player, though that can still go either way with the extreme difficulty of Dark Souls.

Here’s to hoping that the Souls series’ next follow up, codenamed Project Beast, has all of its details fleshed out during E3 next week.


  1. emu says:

    why is this a mod?

    just a dude with a spear fighting a giant in anor londor.

    Doesn’t even look like the prince from game of thrones… not even close.

  2. Concerned-citizen says:

    Seems like a grab for attention to me using pop culture to gain interest, using the word “mod” to make people think work was put into it when its just normal dark souls

  3. That doesn’t look modded…