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The Other Pink Meat

While trolling for stories for one of my other columns, I came across a review of a book about what your typical North American would consider the world’s grosses foods. The book is called “Yuck! The Things People Eat,” by Neil Setchfield, it features over 100 of things like boiled sheep’s head in glorious color, and I haven’t read it yet but I kind of want to go find it now. However, one of the foods mentioned just sounded fake. “The Korean penis fish is considered a culinary delight in Korea, China and Japan,” the review notes, and, well, I needed to confirm that. Sure enough:

I am, apparently, the last person on the Internet to find out about this.  I liked things better before I did.

Maybe one society’s delicacy is another’s, um, Korean penis fish. But that can’t taste good enough to overcome the ew factor. And neither can stir-fried tarantulas.


  1. Daniel says:

    that wriggling mess is going to haunt my dreams.