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The Official OCULUS Trailer and a New Poster Are Here

The Official OCULUS Trailer and a New Poster Are Here

Slowly but surely, the folks behind the new horror thriller Oculus, set to debut on April 11, have been treating horror fans to little glimpses (pun intended) of the upcoming film. Now, the full length trailer and a new poster have arrived.

Oculus tells the story of Tim and Kaylie Russell (played by Brenton Thwaites and Karen Gillan), a brother and sister whose parents were murdered when they were children. Tim was found guilty of the murders, but Kaylie always believed that supernatural forces were responsible.


It looks like the extended trailer backs up all of the positive praise for the film that came out of the Toronto International Film Festival last year. The more I see from the film, the more it’s becoming one of my most anticipated horror releases of 2014.

Oculus hits theaters April 11, and for more spooky goodness from the cast, check out our most recent interview with star Katee Sackhoff.


  1. Edmond Estrada says:

    If its anything like the Paranormal Activity aeries or Insidious, I’ll pass. Because both of those movies sucked ass!

  2. Craig Sikurinec says:

    Well, now that I’ve seen the whole movie via the trailer, I won’t need to actually pay for it.

  3. Helo says:

    This looks so good. I love Karen Gillan and Katee Sackhoff. DIdn’t know Rory Cochrane was in it so that makes it better also. Plus there has to be some kind of Doctor Who joke about Karen playing in a movie with Rory.

  4. r3vlc3 says:

    hell yeah that looks awesome and some actors i miss and want to see do more .