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The New York Sky In Color Swatches

Some things are just cool whether they’re necessary or not. Like this, which has been around for about a month or two but just brought to our attention by our pals at GeekChicDaily (hey, we’ve been busy): Mike Bodge at Lolz LLC and his own Delete Yourself blog has created a website that takes a picture of the New York skyline from his office window, sends it to a server which assigns hex code to the average color of the sky, and adds a tile in that color to a grid, updated every 5 minutes. It’s called N Sky C, and Bodge debuted it in late June. The sky colors form a mosaic of blocks on by the ever-updating page; you can scroll down and see where night falls, and sunrise and sunset and overcast gray and bright sunny blue, too. When you hover your cursor over a block, it shows the source photo and code.

Point? Um… not sure. But you don’t always need a point for stuff like this, do you? No, you don’t. Anyway, he has the program available for anyone who wants to replicate the process for another city so this thing can go global, so email him if you have a spare webcam and server you can leave running 24/7.  I’m wondering if a Seattle version would always be gray.  (Note to indignant Seattleites: I know.  It’s a joke.  I’ve experienced sunny days in Seattle myself.  Just an easy, obvious, cheap joke.  Really.  Leave me alone.)