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The New Trailer For The Michael Bay Produced THE LAST SHIP Will Blow You Away

The New Trailer For The Michael Bay Produced THE LAST SHIP Will Blow You Away

When it comes to summer fare, TNT is quickly becoming one of the top networks in the game. Most recently, the network unveiled an all new trailer for the upcoming season of alien-invasion drama Falling Skies, and now, fresh off that drop, they’ve just released an all new trailer for their upcoming military/post-apocalyptic drama, The Last Ship:

If Falling Skies is the most Steven Spielberg-ish TV series currently running, this looks like the most Michael Bay-ish. Military, mayhem, explosions, ground-level heroes… it’s hard to believe this show isn’t going to kick some major virus ass when it premieres. Also, the show is co-created by Hank Steinberg, whose current claim to fame is ABC’s short-lived The Nine. We could be in for a real treat come June 22nd.


  1. Al Holtz says:

    Agree, not the best title, but I understand why they stuck with the name of the novel. I got to see the pilot last month in Austin, and I have high hopes for the show.

  2. Zak R. says:

    I think I read this book… I remember it being interesting, though majorly depressing. Also, it was mostly desolation-oriented, and not so rough-and-tumble as I would expect from something with Michael Bay’s involvement. Still, there were a few good explosions, and some great dramatic tension.

  3. Shade says:

    It pretty much looks like Last Resort. That was a great show, but I guess people want to see more Jersey Shore and stuff like that. The apocalypse context is good, but the title? Absolutely terrible.