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The New Trailer For Rob Zombie’s “The Lords Of Salem”

LordsofsalemposterRob Zombie’s next movie, The Lords of Salem, comes out on April 19th, and here’s the latest trailer. It’s about a coven of ancient witches returning to Salem, Massachusetts, and not just to see the sights and hang out. It gets messy.

Some of you may have seen it at the Toronto International Film Fesival in September; try to refrain from spoilers in the comments, okay? All right, then.

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  1. MonarchHench says:

    Can’t wait!

  2. Grimlyn says:

    I feel like King Nerd here and I know that isn’t right. Someone come out of the shadows.

  3. Grimlyn says:

    The dead Rob. THE DEAD! “White Zombie must return, White Zombie must return”…….OMG! What is that sound in the distance. *heroine runs to shelter*

  4. Grimlyn says:

    Rob. Badass movie…Your wife is “stringy-hippy” hot in this movie…I’m sure you’ll answer this on TMZ….but “Where’d babies curves go so fast?”