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arkhamoriginslogoWarner Bros. Games has given us a breath of fresh air with the new trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins. Timely too, as the internet is already aflutter with speculation on Zach Snyder’s, ahem, interesting choice in his untitled Batman/Superman movie. Check out the trailer, which features Batman getting his ass handed to him several times over, an angry Commissioner Gordon, and a very punk rock looking Harley Quinn. (Is it just me, or is does her costume progression seem to be getting more and more Suicide Girl-esque? Not that that’s a bad thing.)

Batman: Arkham Origins is set to release October 2013. In case you missed it (I’m sure you wouldn’t have) check out the first trailer and let me know if you’re as excited as I am: leave a quemment below or holla atcha gurl on Twitter!


  1. michaelalexkawa says:

    If that was Harley Quinn ,it is not the Harley Quinn I used to know . Man she looks like a hag , sorry I guess the Joker has her on crack .

  2. Aaron says:

    I am TOTALLY trying to be a huge asshole when I say – that’s not Harley. Geeze.

  3. Rob McColl says:

    I will play it if i can get a story mode of nightwing.

  4. james says:

    ….also not trying to be an asshole

  5. james says:

    actually that’s not harley quinn, it’s the games version of copperhead.

  6. Tomasz says:

    Ekhm, it’s not Harley. Not trying to be an asshole or something, just saying.