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The NerdTerns Play Cobra Wine Flip Cup

They’re not just NerdTerns, they’re fearless consumers of stuff most people wouldn’t consume. Yes, our friends the NerdTerns, the staff at NerdMelt Showroom in L.A. and stars of the Nerdist Channel series of the same name, braved an appearance on Tasted’s Why Would You Eat That? and took the challenge of playing a game of flip cup with the loser having to drink cobra juice. That’s wine. Made with real cobra. It’s supposed to be medicinal, and I’m sure it is, if by “medicinal” they mean “revolting.” We also find out about Ben’s greatest fear (hint: He wouldn’t get along with Bruce Wayne) and Jenny’s aversion to pasta variations. Mo, Kyle, Celeste, and Ricky are also in on the challenge, and Jenny’s expression when she finds out that she’s going to have to play flip cup and thereby risk drinking more snake wine is priceless. But who wins and who loses and who takes a big, big, BIG one for the team? Watch.

And if you didn’t watch the Nerdist Channel series NerdTerns already, or even if you did (you can watch ’em again, you know), click here and live or relive the magic.