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“The Nerdist Way” Has Arrived

The Nerdist Way is in bookstores today. You should buy it. You must buy it. You NEED it.

All right, you expected that we’d be telling you that. And you can understand our excitement here at Nerdist Industries, because HOW COOL IS THIS? CHRIS WROTE A BOOK AND IT’S, LIKE, IN BOOKSTORES! You can walk into your Barnes and Noble and your Books-a-Million and your local independent bookstore and buy it! Or you can go online and order it, or have it downloaded to your Kindle or Nook or whatever. Either way, HOW COOL IS THIS? I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to call amazeballs on this.

Let’s go over some of the important questions you need to have answered:

1. What’s it about? It’s about how to channel your nerd strengths and manage your time and life to, as the subtitle says, “reach the next level (in real life).” If you enjoy this here website, and you’re interested in a funny, smart book that will help guide you towards success and happiness, this’ll do it. If not, buy it anyway.

2. Where can I get it? Everywhere fine books are sold in the U.S. of A. Amazon, Barnes and Noble (in stores and online), Books-a-Million, Powell’s in Portland, and your favorite chain or indie bookstores should all have it, and the e-book version’s available for Kindle and Nook and in EPUB format and in the iBooks store, too. You can find links to online ordering here. I’m seeing it on the UK Amazon site and at some locations of Canada’s Indigo/Chapters/Coles stores, too, for what it’s worth.  And then there’s…

3. Can I get an autographed copy? Glad you asked that. Chris will be touring the country and signing books in various locations. We don’t know all the dates and locations yet, but it starts TONIGHT, November 1st, at the Apple Store in downtown San Francisco, the one at 1 Stockton Street (right there where Ellis and Market and 4th converge), two blocks south of Union Square, a block south of Macy’s, Powell Street BART station. You know the one. Chris will be there to meet and greet at 6:30 pm Pacific. He’ll be back in Portland on the 9th at 7:30 pm Pacific to distribute hugs at Powell’s City of Books on Burnside. Go.

4. How big is it? 15.5 ounces, 8.3 x 5.8 x 1 inches.

5. Can it be used as a flotation device? No.

6. But Hodgman’s book is coming out today, too! That’s not a question, and you can buy both.

So your mission today is to buy The Nerdist Way, or, if, like me, you pre-ordered it, to stand at your door for several days waiting for the UPS guy to show up.  Buy two copies.  Buy ten.  Buy dozens.  They make great gifts.  Leave them in strategic locations on coffee tables to add that air of sophistication for any room.  What are you waiting for?  Go, buy, enjoy, and thank you.


(Psst… wanna win one?  GeekChicDaily’s running a contest- they’ll pick three people who sign up for their emails and give the winners a book and Nerdist t-shirt.  Read all about it by clicking here and enter and see the rules by clicking here.  Contest closes November 8, 2011.)

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  1. Alexis says:

    Bought the book finally once I got paid! So excited and thanks for writing it! I think it will help me greatly.

  2. Steve Bates says:

    I got the audiobook off Audible to listen to on work commutes, and i absolutely love it. I’ve listened to it twice now and I’m definitely going to buy a hardcopy. I feel pretty damn motivated and even empowered by all your advice Chris.

  3. Ryan Taylor says:

    Ok, so I am just getting to reading this book that I have been excited about (I know, I’m a month behind everyone else) and I was looking online for the examples of Character Tome charting he mentions, and I cannot find them. Am I crazy? Am I just missing them online, or are they not out yet? I’m not mad, just confused….

  4. Christy Weiss says:

    I’m listening to Nerdist Way as I work today, and I have to say, it’s getting me through the day. However, I have to fight the urge to laugh out loud thus giving my boss license to look at me as though I’m insane 🙂

  5. Shane says:

    You use the Fuck word a lot. I like the Fuck word.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    So far, I’m finding the book funny and inspiring, as I do all things Nerdist. (I guess I was a little worried that it might be a goofy take on the whole self-help thing, but instead I’m finding it both goofy and helpful).

    However, as a spatially-challenged nerd, I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the goal graph in the first section. Until the Nerdist Way site is up and running, can someone post a sample?

    Thanks to everyone at Nerdist for making life a little better every day.

  7. lePetitPigeon says:

    THANK YOU for this book, Chris. As a wife of a severe Nerd, I find comfort and relief in knowing there is now a book that can help him get OUT of his brain and INTO productivity with his crazy awesome smarts. You are inspiring and sincere and funny, and your podcasts make my daily commute something I truly look forward to. Pease keep making awesome things and putting them out for us to enjoy! And give Matt a hug and say it’s from Central Massachusetts. *love*

  8. Chuck W. says:

    I am going to buy a hard copy now for my son. I hope you’re happy Big C, making me spend more money on your fantastic book. Dang it. (please note my sarcastic tone, as I am happy to purchase not only the ebook version, but tree killing version.)

    L8R Big C

  9. Adrianne says:

    Hey Chris! Bought your book last night! Are you aware that the Audible ads for the free download on Facebook are misspelling your name in the most awesome way possible?

  10. Jim Jenkins says:

    Here’s my review from AMAZON:
    Ever since I caught him on a Comedy Central special, I’ve been a fan of Chris Hardwick. When he showed up on CHELSEA LATELY, I was overjoyed! And now that he’s got THE NERDIST and hosts THE TALKING DEAD, along with VIDEO SOUP, I am thrilled for the guy. Hardwick is an intelligent, insightful and extremely hilarious gentleman and it’s a pleasure that we see him finally come into his own through all his media work. And now we have his book with grounded advice for living that is from his own unique (but wildly cool) perspective. I respect this man and I also find him amazingly funny. This book is just like having Chris over for dinner and letting him take hold of a conversation. His own story is inspiring but what I like most is how humbly Chris tells people to simply be happy being themselves (even though it means you have to go through a lot of crap to get there) and claim your own value. It’s a fantastic message that most folks turn into empty platitudes–Chris does it with humor and humilty, letting out his wisdom with great gems. I cannot say enough about how much this book made me smile-it’s a great read. And if you’re not following him on television or listening to his totally awesome NERDIST PODCAST….then you’re missing out on one of the most amazing men on the planet. Hell, he’s even more entertaining than going to the Tashi Station to pick up a power converter!

  11. Nicole says:


    Just kidding. Love the book so far. Looking forward to the site being up so I can see EXACTLY how to doodle in my graph paper notebook.

  12. Chuck W. says:

    Hey Big C. How do you sign an e version of the book? If anyone can figure it out it will either be you, Matt, Jonah, or any fan of NI.

  13. robert says:

    my book arrived today. and by the way, chris your eyes are super bright on the cover. nerdilistic.

  14. Emily says:

    I just downloaded the book from Audible (going to buy a physical copy this weekend) and I’m just over an hour into it.

    It’s really, really, super fantastic so far. It is making me simultaneously feel better about my life and feel very uncomfortable (in a good way) as I take stock of things. It’s also making me laugh, a lot. I hope you understand how much a book like this means to us floundering nerds out here in the world. You’ve done a great job and so many people appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience. Thank you.

    Congrats on being a published author, I’m excited for you get the book-website up.

    Please come to Colorado for a book signing, live podcast, ans/or standup. Pretty please?

  15. Gabe L. says:

    Picked up my copy today! Can’t wait to jump in, it feels like I’ve been waiting for this forever. Thanks Chris!

  16. Veronika says:

    Got mine yesterday! I just need the Big C to come to SEATTLE to get it signed!

  17. @Carol The RIF thing was just my (Perry, not Chris) little joke/shout to the program. A very worthy cause, though, especially for someone like me whose dad was a teacher and principal. And your comment reminds me that it’s nearing the end of the year and it’s charitable donations time, and while I’ve been concentrating on breast cancer charities in recent years, RIF might be a nice addition:

    @ANDY That might be the first Joel Osteen reference on this site. Impressive. Maybe someday Chris will also buy an abandoned sports arena and turn it into a nerd gathering place.

  18. Susie says:

    Fantastic book! Listened to it while editing my midterms!!! Gunna listen again.

  19. ANDY says:

    Chris Hardwick is the Joel Olstein of nerdisum, but less creepy

  20. Carol says:

    Are a portion of the proceeds from the book benefiting RIF?

  21. Chuck W. says:

    It auto downloaded to my iPad yesterday and I am just itching to read it. I will have to set aside my History of area 51 book for a little while. I am sure it will be good Big C.

  22. Patrick Rose says:

    You mean Chris isn’t coming to England just for me? See this? This is my sadface.

  23. Andrew says:

    I have just Received the book in the mail in Australia…starting to read it now and looking forward to it.

  24. Kyle Kondas says:

    Been waiting for this book for the last couple of months. Already finished the first two chapters and loving it. Can’t wait to finish so I can review it for our show, The Tech Tard Show, and let all the other nerds here in Dallas know about it’s awesomeness.

  25. Liz H. (from Canada) says:

    Got my copy today – yep, even up here in Canada – and am already enjoying. Thanks Chris, congrats, and much success to you! 🙂

  26. Will says:

    Ignore my rant. It’s working now.

  27. Will says:

    It won’t download to my Nook or my Android phone with the Nook app. In fact none of my books will. Severely getting pissed off (not at you, Nerdist, but at Barnes and Noble). Guess it’s time to switch to Kindle.

  28. Ryan says:

    I’ll have my physical copies of this and Soul Pancake tomorrowwwww.

  29. Mark Rose; from San Diego, CA says:

    I turned 21 over the weekend, and in true Nerd fashion I allocated a portion of the gift money that was given to me to buy drinks, and instead used it to buy the book at Barnes & Noble.

    Chris, the book came at a perfect time for me since over the last few months I too have been making huge changes after living in a slothful, unproductive slump for two years. I’ve lost over 30 pounds since the end of summer and I’ve been looking to improve other aspects of my life, and it looks like your book will be a huge help for me.
    I’ve only read the introduction and I am already relating to it in a big way.
    Initially I bought the book to support Nerdist Industries and all of the many hours of free entertainment that I consume from you all on a near daily basis, knowing that it would help fund the Nerdist movement and Podcast. The fact that the book was so relevant to my personal life was an extra bonus
    So thank you Chris and all of the many people running Nerdist, just having listened to what you all have had to say on the Podcast and this site has made me a happier, and more outgoing person who is more confident in his own Nerdism.

    I know this was a long, slightly obsessive post, but I wanted to get my thoughts out here, and I hope that they were found encouraging by the people who have encouraged me.

  30. Harry Carr says:

    Got My book today, when I got home from work. I’m halfway through already [ 2 pm pacific ] It’s Awesome, no need for hash tags Big C

  31. Jenny says:

    Amazon says will deliver on Nov. 4. Had it pre-ordered since March. Kinda excited.

  32. Janey says:

    say hello to TV-free tuesday! I’ll be on the couch, reading.

  33. Glynis says:

    Fired up the ol’ Kindle last night to find that my pre-ordered copy had already downloaded. Yippee! I’m very much looking forward to diving into this book–among all the school books and studying for tests that I’m doing.

    Go Chris!

  34. Brett says:

    Downloaded via iBooks onto my iPad. Looking forward to reading it!

  35. jackfan12 says:

    The UPS man just dropped off my copy. So happy!

  36. Clark says:

    I preordered this and Hodgman’s book and now I am just waiting for them to arrive. Yay!

  37. ignoramus012 says:

    Next step to dominance of the Nerdist Empire: Nerdist Publishing!

  38. jason rizza says:

    Bought book today! Yes an actual physical copy of the book, i know, crazy. Hope there are a lot more people out there doing the same thing!

  39. Adam says:

    The Barnes and Noble down the road from G4 has 0 in stock and only 10 on order.

    First day purchase fail!

  40. Spence says:

    Will be reading this as soon as I get home (should have had it delivered to the office. I hate waiting.) Hopefully when the Nerdist Live date is rescheduled in Northampton I’ll be able to get Chris to sign my Kindle. (There’s the downside to getting all my books electronically now. It makes author signings a bit more challenging.)

  41. Meredith says:

    Just ordered mine today. I’ll get it sometime next week. I can’t wait to read it.

  42. Mark says:

    I just got mine this morning (Kindle pre-order rules!) and so far, I gotta say gang- I’m floored. If you have a nerd-based soul at all, you’ll love it as much as I am right now.

  43. Dawn says:

    I have mine on order and it should be in sometime today! Can’t wait.

  44. Ian says:

    I downloaded the audio book because 1) I am lazy and impatient & 2) Chris is amazeballz. I’ve read and “read” a great many books and this is by far the most relatable. I know it will be a long road but, as cliche as it seems, I feel hopeful about the self-helpy aspect. Thank you Chris, thank you Nerdist and thank you contributors. It’s difficult to put into words how I feel about this work, but suffice it to say I’m a fan. If you’re at all a Nerdish-like person, get this book.

  45. Karla says:

    I want to go to the Powells book sigining but this chica is all sorts of shy and hate going places alone.

  46. Chadders says:

    I picked my copy up a couple of weeks ago at NYCC. It truly was amaze-balls.

  47. Brian E. says:

    Nerdist was has shipped! Amaze sauce!!! I feel like I should buy a nerdy bookmark for it.