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The Nerdist Podcast On Your Boxee

Got a Boxee? Want to listen to the Nerdist Podcast on it?

There’s an app for that, now that Juan Felipe Rincon has developed one. He’s a member of the Node, the upcoming social network for Nerdists, and he did this himself; here’s a video with all the details on how to find and install the Nerdist podcast app on your Boxee:

Find more videos like this on The Node (Beta)

Why, yes, that’s inordinately cool.


  1. No extras, no video, just the same podcast either way. It’s just for people who happen to have a Boxee who want to add the podcast to their options. If you, like me, are sans Boxee (and likely to stay that way), you’ll get the same podcast through whatever means you use to get it, whether downloading, iTunes, or on this site.

  2. A. Guy says:

    Got a Boxee? Nope.
    Want to listen to the Nerdist Podcast on it? Nope.

    I hate this kind of stuff, its like the extras only being available on Bluray. “Hey kids want the super special version of this? Then upgrade your technology!” No I will not. I listen to Nerdist on my MP3 player and that’s the way I like it, Boxee can just get lost.

  3. Patience… Everything’s on hold due to busy schedules, but there’ll be opportunities soon. Sorry, but as soon as we can get things organized, things will open up a little….

  4. Ryan says:

    I just went over my comment and I didn’t take sarcasm away from it. Well, that what it was supposed to be. So… yeah.

  5. Ryan says:

    Nice, just taunt us with the idea of a social network for Nerdists, post a link, and then make it invitations only. Whats the point of that.