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The Nerdist Photo Caption Contest

Alright, Nerdlings…This is the first of hopefully many contests aboard the SS Nerdist. Load up the comment thread with your best captions for this pic. The winner will receive a $50 iTunes gift card. Captions must be submitted by Friday, 8/22 and the winner will be announced on Monday, 8/25.



  1. randbot says:

    Chris Hardwick’s cameo appearance as the Hungarian Horntail in the upcoming all-rodent version of Goblet of Fire.

  2. genny says:

    “O.k. If I do the decorating you buy the beer”

  3. Jowey says:

    Chris walks in on the most bizarre of orgies….

  4. har-har binks says:

    “I don’t care how much you like nuts, Chris…only squirrels are allowed to co-host!”