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The Nerdist Channel Sunday Specials: Exploding Bunnies and Apes Vs. the Mob

Sunday is not a day of rest at the Nerdist Channel. (Saturday is, but Sunday isn’t) And holidays? No excuse. So you’ll find some new stuff to watch this week, including the latest installments of Cute Things Exploding, which in both cases happen to be adorable little bunny rabbits — this is either appropriate given the day or wildly inappropriate for the same reason, and S.U.D.S., in which a mob numbers racket comes under the scrutiny of our simian detectives, doing the deep-cover thing in this week’s exciting episode “A Number Between One and Death.”

Watch three cute l’il bunnies blow up real good by clicking here.

Watch two bunnies, two cups, two explosions by clicking here.

Watch S.U.D.S. tackle the mob by clicking here.

We’ll have more Cute Things Exploding and S.U.D.S. on Sundays at the Nerdist Channel, and we’ll remind you about it if you subscribe by clicking here. So do that and you’ll know, plus you’ll be alerted when every show goes up, including Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling, the debut of the video version of The Indoor Kids, and much, much more. You won’t want to miss any of it because you didn’t know it was available while you rushed out to buy the post-Easter 50%-off discount candy. That stuff’ll rot your teeth, anyway.


  1. Mark W. Gray says:

    So, The Nerdist Channel is Jewish? Happy Passover!