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The Nerdist Channel Presents “The Indoor Kids”: Blair Herter Plays “Fez”

On this fortnight’s installment of the Nerdist Channel’s The Indoor Kids, G4’s Blair Herter visits the couch for some talk about the classic game Altered Beast on Sega Genesis and some Fez game play. Also, black-and-white TVs (hence the opening sequence) and trailer parks and sex and stuff.

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  1. Lee Benningfield says:

    I wish they had spent a little more time on the game. It felt so rushed, only showing the first location in the game, and the map. Kumail & Emily: I hope you continued to play it, because it’s an awesome game; maybe we’ll hear more about it on a later podcast?

  2. Nick Meckelvaney says:

    They look….tired. From…the milk. Fez looks interesting. I kind of ignored it and this is the first I’ve seen of it’s gameplay.

  3. Andy Gomez says:

    I hope I don’t offend Kumail but I think Emily is VERY PRETTY