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The Nerdist Channel Presents The Debut Of “Just Cos”

“Just Cos” makes its debut on the Nerdist Channel today, and the first episode is a quick explanation of what cosplay is, with a visit to New York Comic-Con. Your hosts Chloe Dykstra, Linda Le, and Seth Herzog will be your guides to the fine art of dressing up; you can read an illuminating interview with the intrepid trio by clicking here.

Click here and subscribe to the Nerdist Channel so you don’t miss a thing. No Spandex necessary, but you can wear some if you want to.


  1. Greg says:

    Please do more.

  2. DefconDan says:

    Nice job was an extra treat for me to see a lot of the people I saw in person from NYCC in the video. Crazy creative people!