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The MYTHBUSTERS Talk Making, Motivation, and Myths at Comic-Con

The MythBusters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman were at this year’s Comic-Con in a big way. The duo took their panel into their own hands, eschewing a moderator to make the panel entirely about the fans. Savage, as he does every year, donned a costume that took him five years to complete and walked the floor. Hyneman decided to test the myth that he couldn’t walk the floor at all, resulting in a hilarious video.

I was fortunate enough to get Adam and Jamie on the Nerdist stage to ask about MythBusters, science communication, explosions, and what was next for the pair. It was an absolute joy for me — I consider myself a mega-fan who has been to their live shows and seen every episode of MythBusters, which I hope comes through in the video above. I for one will be yelling at my TV when they test how to most efficiently board an airplane later this month.

“Science isn’t just for guys in lab coats,

it’s for anyone who wants to understand their world and do a good job at it.”

Beyond MythBusters, Savage and Hyneman were at Comic-Con to support “maker” culture, and more specifically their very successful project, which features everything from tours of Adam’s nerd cave to videos on how to make a Hellboy mecha-glove. All the great content that goes up on fits in perfectly with the geekdom of Comic-Con, and here’s to hoping that next year Adam and Jamie have an even bigger presence. Maybe they could make a cow-catcher robot to plow through convention center hallways…