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Episode 62: The Mutant Season
The Mutant SeasonThe Mutant Season

The Mutant Season #62: Stickam

Andy and Justin from Stickam sit down with Gil to talk about what Stickam is, what kind of shows they do, and much more!

Watch shows on Stickam!

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  1. Stickam says:


    Our apologies for the problems you had with the recording from earlier.

    We fixed the video and its now back up and running smoothly.

    Be sure to watch, because you are correct- GIL was GREAT!

    Thank you!

    -Stickam Support

  2. Misi says:

    Been trying to watch the stickam live broadcast, it just skips and sputters less than a second at a time from the live cast and from their site. I’m guessing that’s why it only has about 20 views. Is there or will there be anywhere else we can watch it? Also Gil this podcast was GREAT! You just continue to get better and better at interviewing! Keep it up!