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Episode 52: The Mutant Season
J.G. Quintel
The Mutant SeasonThe Mutant Season

The Mutant Season #52: J.G. Quintel

Creator of Regular Show J.G. Quintel hangs out with Gil to talk about where he got the idea of Regular Show, his favorite episodes, and getting in trouble with the cops!

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  1. Ad Nicaj says:

    Why didn’t I know about this podcast before? Gil is A-Mazing!!! Best interview ever. Spend some $ on promoting Gil’s podcast. I only stumbled upon this by scrolling on the podcast page. Haven’t read tweets or any other posts on other media about this. Do eeeet!

  2. wregular says:

    Great interview because Gil has a deep knowledge of the show, and so can ask all the right questions. Really enjoyed it.

  3. Ron Miller says:

    Great interview Gil! I loved it.

  4. Annathalia Nalapraya says:

    This interview keeps making me smile, Gil and JG are so adorable! And love the show!!

  5. Matt says: