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Episode 45: The Mutant Season
Dan Harmon
The Mutant SeasonThe Mutant Season

The Mutant Season #45: Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon hangs out with Gil to talk about Minecraft, living on the moon, and Gil’s future!

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  1. someguyontheinternet says:

    That was cute. I didn’t think Harmon could be so comfortable with kids.

  2. Tolly Gipson says:

    Such a great job, Gil! Keep it up buddy. The end when you were laughing at Dan’s joke about your career picks and Pete Holmes, I was cracking up myself.

  3. Liam says:

    This was great

  4. jake h says:

    omg. this is the cutest thing ever. this little kid is a mental powerhouse.

  5. Jeff MacDonald says:

    Christopher Eccleston was the 9th doctor that Gil was talking about. I thought he was pretty cool too.

  6. Aeshir says:

    Man vs. Manchild.


  7. SeaBass says:

    On alternative transportation. Tell Dan to talk to John Galt about his static electricity engine.

  8. James Jesus Christ says:

    Lol does he talk about community?????????