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Episode 19: The Mutant Season
Pat Kilbane
The Mutant SeasonThe Mutant Season

The Mutant Season #19: Pat Kilbane

Pat Kilbane and Gil talk about his book The Braineaters Bible, Mad TV, cavemen and more!

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  1. Karen says:

    Gil, you could not be any cuter. You’re a great interviewer. Adorable!

  2. Kass says:

    Hey Gil!

    I’m a former archaeologist who enjoys listening to your show and I just wanted to let you know that there are two types of scientists who study old things- the ones who study super old animals and ecosystems, like dinosaurs,are called paleontologists and the ones who study people and our ancestors are called archaeologists. If you ever meet a paleontologist or an archaeologist and remember the difference, they’ll be really impressed.

    Also, Otzi, the Iceman in the Alps, might freak out more than your typical unfrozen Iceman if you called anyone with weapons since it looks like he was running away from trouble up into the mountains.

    Fun podcast!