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The Music Geek Track of the Week – Youth Lagoon’s “Dropla”


If you’ve followed me on the Nerdist throughout the past couple of years, you know that I am huge fan of Boise indie-rocker Trevor Powers aka Youth Lagoon. Every aspect of his sound has a made-from-scratch essentialism that feels instantly worn-in but never contrived.

This week, Powers released “Dropla,” the first single off his upcoming sophomore LP, Wondrous Bughouse. If you’re familiar with the terse, hushed mastering of Year of Hibernation, “Dropla” is going to sound epic by comparison. Though he relies on the same sort of wispy, bug-eyed piano hook, his vocals are pronounced and the drums give the song the sort of confidence he never really reached on his debut. This is the sound of an artist breaking out of a cocoon in which he could have easily stayed nestled for a while. I’m looking very, very forward to this album.