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The Music Geek Track of the Week: “You Are Why I Am Invisible”

Earlier this week, XXYYXX, the 16-year-old production phenom from Orlando, uploaded “You Are Why I Am Invisible” to his SoundCloud and reached the download limit in what must have been less than three seconds. There are reasons for this: namely, 1) It’s incredibly intelligent, and 2) It’s really fucking good.

There’s an unassailable wisdom that emanates from this track: the pitch-corrected Sarah Vaughan vocal sample, the barely-in-time car ignition lurch of the high hat, the alluvial low end. These are all elements you might have expected Dilla to throw down on The Shining.

But historical intuition aside, the song is hyper-aware of its own confines, and is at once impenetrable and palliative, like a pillow locked inside a metal briefcase. Without the rolling, analgesic piano loop, you might not be able to breach the feverish, sometimes brash percussion, but without this anxious rigidity, the song would merely diffuse into an amorphous swell. As such, “You Are Why I Am Invisible” isn’t so much organic as it is its own self-sufficient organism.

Check out the track below and make sure to listen to XXYYXX’s self titled LP as well. I personally can’t wait until November, when there is snow on the ground, I am bundled up under way too many blankets, and I have this track on exhaustive repeat.


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  1. @Chris, Chin Up! Just because this track might not float your boat doesn’t mean there is not a ton of stuff out there that would. I try and always keep the stuff I pick pretty diverse, so there might be some other tracks you’d be more into. At the end of the day, your ear is the only one that really matters. I appreciate you reading!

  2. Chris says:

    This makes me feel old and sad. Not because I feel like “the good ole days” of music are gone. But because I can feel music leaving me behind. I just don’t know of I can follow it in these off beat directions.

  3. SpaceySpaceman says: