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The Music Geek Track of the Week: Tim Heidecker Covers Bob Dylan

What do you get when an anti-comedy genius covers the most critically despised Bob Dylan song of all time? You get the Music Geek Track of the Week, and also a really awesome rendition of “All The Tired Horses” that is unquestionably more listenable than the original.

Earlier this year while Tim was doing press for Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, he had an extra day of layover in Chicago. At the time he was trying to contribute to a Bob Dylan cover album that was meant to raise money for Amnesty International and decided to try and record it during his downtime. After going to Twitter to see if anyone in the Chicago area had a studio to help him out, a group called the Earth is a Man reached out and offered to collaborate.

The result is this surprisingly beautiful, droning version of one of my least favorite Bob Dylan tracks ever. Heidecker has really dulcet vocals that blend almost perfectly with guitar and synth swells. Don’t worry, though, he really gives the song some oomph towards the end.

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  1. natew says:

    Turned it into a Band of Horses outtake – especially in the context of the new record –