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The Music Geek Track Of The Week: “Sunshine”

It’s hard to say what qualifies more as the touchstone of a Little Dragon song: the whirring miasma of funky electronics or Yukimi Nagano’s coaxing croon. Little Dragon’s new track “Sunshine” operates with this same dynamic that most of their last LP “Ritual Union” established, as Nagano’s voice weaves seamlessly in and out of the thumping bass and between oscillating synths.

Although the inclination is to say that, obviously, Nagano’s vocals are the centerpiece of each Little Dragon song, the way she articulates and self-harmonizes is so utilitarian and calculated that her voice becomes another instrument in “Sunshine.” The way I like to think of Little Dragon’s aesthetic is that they are smoldering, slow-burning fire and that if you focus hard enough you can make out the smoke signals Nagano is concertedly fashioning.