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The Music Geek Track of the Week: “I Can’t Handle Change”

When I think slide guitar, I think Allman Brothers, BBQ sauce, and for some reason, cankles. But definitely not delicate, emo-infused indie pop based out of Phoenix, Arizona. “I Can’t Handle Change” from lovable foursome Roar is more like a medley of spacy hooks from potentially every popular instrument I am aware of, as well as a healthy assortment of climactic vocal interludes. But its that first riff with understated slide guitar bolstered by explosive drums that hooked me right away. My only real problem with this band is that I wish they had more than just an EP’s worth of material. I will be keeping my eye on them this year, as should you.

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  1. CORRECTION: Roar actually has two Eps worth of material. You can find the other EP here: (
    Thanks to Mark from Anxiety Machine Records for the correction

  2. artemus_who says:

    Did this replace Jonah Ray-dio? I remember it being announced but haven’t heard anything of it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Music Geek Track of the Week but just wondering