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The Music Geek Track of the Week: “Harps”

God do I have the softest soft spot for The Sea and Cake. Usually the Music Geek Track of the Week requires a lot of sifting and personal turmoil, because I can’t possibly let you guys know every single time I hear something cool that makes me wiggle (wiggling dominates most of my critical criteria for music reviews). This week was a no brainer though.

Yesterday, the Chicago super group released “Harps,” the first single off their upcoming album, Runner, due out September 19th. A nugget of ethereal dance pop, “Harps” is the kind of low key groove I imagine you might find in a modest nightlife scene of a Duplass Brothers film. From the introductory swell of glitchy synths to Sam Prekop’s satin smooth voice, and all the delicately effected guitars in between, this track does all the things a proper pop song should do. I dare you not dance/wiggle.


  1. Dave Baker says:

    After about 10 seconds I had Trainspotting running through my head. Sounds great!

  2. @Chris “Up On Crutches” is great! These guys are one of my favorites (obviously) and they’ve been around forever making great stuff. I am glad you dig it!

  3. milesfish says:
    Times Square at Midnight–Photos of People taking Photos of people.

  4. chris says:

    Fucking sweet Matt! Been a fan of theirs since “Up On Crutches”. I guess I could have just emailed you this comment.