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The Music Geek Track of the Week: “Endless Shore”

Without any context you might easily intuit that Melody Prochet’s new psych album, Melody’s Echo Chamber, was informed by collision and movement rather than stasis. The soundscape is simply too large and fractured for any sort of Bon-Iver-in-the-woods type backstory. This is why it is no surprise to learn that the tracks on the album gestated for about a year and a half in locations ranging from Perth – home of the album’s producer and Tame Impala leader Kevin Parker – to her childhood home in the south of France.

The consequent familiar-unfamiliar dyad that her recording process yielded glistens translucently throughout her whole album and most irresistibly on “Endless Shore.” The track exhibits all the familiar pop structures you would expect from a psych track – zonked guitar shimmers and airtight drumming –but reimagines the capacities and spaces of those respective sounds. She accomplishes this most effectively with her ethereal voice, which soars pristinely over the dense, tangled filters of guitars and synths at the foundation of the track, allowing you to observe all intricacies from her elevated perspective. I recommend listening with solid headphones so you hear all the layers of the track as they coalesce and disperse, like a wave breaking and retreating on the titular shoreline.


  1. Cocteau Twins-y! I like it!

  2. Anna says:

    That is such a gorgeous track! The layers are superb and her voice is so airy.