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The Music Geek Track Of The Week: “Club Can’t Handle Me”

It’s not what you think! I promise!

I’m not posting about Flo Rida, who I just realized is “Florida” with a space in the middle. I’m posting about Tally Hall, a band from Michigan which is nothing like Flo Rida, or Florida.

Finding covers of songs I don’t particularly like that (1) make the song better and (2) make me laugh are rare finds. If you have a pair of disgusting jeans that you never wear, and one day you grab a pair of scissors and go “Tobias Funke” on those bad boys turning them into some sick cut-offs, you know what I’m talking about. This cover of “Club Can’t Handle Me” transformed something I hate into something I love, Mom jeans into awesome cut-offs.

Tally Hall is famous for their poppy songs and A capella style. Their single “Good Day” launched them into mainstream music when it was on an episode of The O.C., which I vividly remember.  It’s not exactly the most musically relevant track of the week we’ve posted, but when I fell upon this cover, sharing it seemed crucial. The song is somewhat faithful to Flo Rida’s original arrangement, but they’ve added in a new rap interlude which pokes a little fun of the song’s roots. Listen; I promise it will brighten your Friday!