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The Music Geek Track of the Week: “Always”

“The meal is not over when I am full; the meal is over when I hate myself.” – Louis C.K.

Hey nerds. I am so full right now that it is hard to make words happen with my mouth hole. I am legitimately worried that if I say a word that requires a sound too low on the vowel space, I will absolutely throw up. In short, I ated too much pie (it was pumpkinninny) This horrible feeling is definitely karma for posting that godawful Thanksgiving song last week.

Self-loathing and Mr. Show references aside, I chose this calming track by UK producer Noyce to soundtrack the tranquil headspace I had hoped to occupy during my inevitable food coma. “Always” has a really organic sense of rhythm and motion, and the accompanying visuals of water lapping over shoals and tropical sunsets are a nice touch. Although my personal food coma would probably be more aptly soundtracked by Puddle of Mudd, I hope that some of you had enough self control to be in a really content, semi-mobile state, and that this warm ambient song lulls you comfortably into the best nap of your year.

Click here to download Noyce’s debut EP via Sunday Records


  1. Ashif says:

    We did a bad thing.