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THE MUPPETS MOST WANTED Gets Reviewed by the Internet in Super Bowl Commercial

THE MUPPETS MOST WANTED Gets Reviewed by the Internet in Super Bowl Commercial

As everyone knows, there’s nothing but the truth on the Internet, which is exactly why The Muppets Most Wanted once again brought the wise professional opinions of the Internet’s finest to their Super Bowl commercial. (You’ll recall that an earlier trailer used a similar ploy, using Twitter complaints to illustrate why the movie was jobbed out of awards nominations despite not having been released yet.) Eschewing typical buzzy pull quotes from movie critics as is the norm, the lovable puppets have gone the more democratic route, taking Twitter comments from the likes of @mustlovecats11, @yolofantastic, @pleaseusemeinad, and @moviesareawsm to convince you (as if you weren’t already, let’s be real) to watch Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, and a bunch of awesome folks — hey, look! It’s Tom Hiddleston! Swoon goes the Internet — bring Constantine to justice. Because let’s be serious: we don’t need a bunch of movie critics to know this film is going to be the most delightful Muppet-related film of the year.

Will Kermit and Co. avenge the good Muppet name once and for all… or until the next sequel (which we’re already pretty excited about if we’re being honest)? Will Tina Fey’s German accent ever get old? Are we surprised Constantine’s a pop-up spam ad fan? Shouldn’t The Muppets star in all of the Super Bowl commercials? Can this movie just be out already? Only time will tell.

The Muppets Most Wanted hits theaters on March 21, 2014. Read more about it in Dan’s set visit and see the earlier trailers here and here. Are you looking forward to it? Wocka Wocka over to the comments and let us know/berate us for that groanworthy wordplay.