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The Most Intentionally Funny Videos of 2013 Part 1

The Most Intentionally Funny Videos of 2013 Part 1

All year long, I’ve been handpicking the funniest videos that were actually meant to be funny (as opposed to people falling down randomly or kids cursing), amounting to over 200 videos that have gotten featured here at The Nerdist. With more than 200 videos to choose from and 2013 coming to a close, it’s the perfect time to make a year end list of the best of the best. The Most Intentionally Funny Video of The Day is already the cream of the crop of funny videos, and now this will be the cream of that cream of that crop. Basically, I convulsed laughing during all of these and had to watch them over and over again because I missed something while laughing so hard.

As that is the case, I was only able to narrow it down to my 20 favorites, which will now be presented in 4 parts in no specified ranking/order to make the list more manageable/keep some suspense as to how they’re all grouped.

So, without further adieu, here’s The Most Intentionally Funny Videos of 2013, Part 1.

Filmmaker/comedian Pat Bishop has comedians Dave Ross and Matt Ingebretson¬†fight/fence, when they don’t really know how to do, in Idiot Fencing.

Mark Normand has one of the best late night stand up sets of the year on Conan.

The Walsh Brothers Great & Secret Comedy Show at CC:Studios redefines the idea of pranking in the best way possible.

Claudia O’Doherty explains, due to the obligation of her parents’ travel agency/need to promote her acting reel to answer the question, What is England?

No, You Shut Up with Paul F. Tompkins has Tompkins discuss hot button topics with a panel of puppets and is simply fantastic.

(Look for Part 2 on Friday…)