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The Most Intentionally Funny Video of the Day 1/10/14: Trapped In An Internet Sketch

The Most Intentionally Funny Video of the Day 1/10/14: Trapped In An Internet Sketch

At CES in Las Vegas, a Samsung vice president predicted that ultra-HD TVs will replace HD TVs in the near future. Similarly, I predict that time is going to move forward. Look at that. It already happened. Even as you’re reading this, my incredibly obvious prediction came true, just like we’ll go for being upsold on whatever technology will make us keep up with those damn Joneses. No picture quality has ever topped the time that I saw 2001: A Space Odyssey in 70mm (and I wasn’t even on drugs), so I’ll just wait until 70mm home theater systems become a feasible thing. That probably won’t happen, but at least I and you and all of us have The Most Intentionally Funny Video of The Day for the lack of 70mm in our lives.

Today’s MIFV was submitted by Grant Pardee and shows the dangers of going to deep into the rabbit hole of an internet sketch, which is more treacherous than going into The Matrix, or possibly Twin Peaks‘ Black Lodge.

Here’s the previous MIFV pick, in case you missed it.

Per usual, I’m taking submissions for the MIFV like the one featured above. I love finding new, hilarious videos from people hundreds and thousands of miles away, so please do send your videos so long as they follow the rules below.
-E-mail embeddable video link to [email protected] with subject line “MIFV Submission”
-Videos must have been posted online (i.e. have a time stamp that says so) within exactly two weeks from when you submit (i.e. videos uploaded more than 14 days from the day when you submit will not be up for consideration)
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