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The Men of NEW GIRL Play Pretend in LET’S BE COPS’ Latest Trailer

The Men of NEW GIRL Play Pretend in LET’S BE COPS’ Latest Trailer

You know what always works out well for people, always? Impersonating the police — a federal offense, just so you know — particularly when you’re running around getting high, hitting on sorority girls, and generally being societal nincompoops like the antics showcased in Let’s Be Cops. When the imposters in question are Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans, Jr. from Fox’s New Girl, though, there’s at least a guarantee that before the consequences arrive, hijinks and tomfoolery will ensue.

It’s a buddy cop movie minus the whole “actually being cops” part, wherein Johnson and Wayans’ law and order comes from buying a police car on eBay and sticking their noses in actual mob-and-dirty-detective business. Check out the newly released green band (code for: squeaky clean comedy antics!) trailer below, and if you’re down with a bit more darker doings (read: more swears and Nina Dobrev), hop on over to the red band trailer.

Let’s Be Cops opens August 13th, 2014 and also stars Rob Riggle, Nina Dobrev, James D’Arcy, and (seriously) Andy Garcia.

Not that we’re endorsing it at all (because legality and all that), but how would you spend your time as a pretend cop? Let us know in the comments.