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The Man Behind STREET FIGHTER IV Just Left Capcom Vancouver

The Man Behind STREET FIGHTER IV Just Left Capcom Vancouver

This had to have been a weird Monday for the Capcom Vancouver staff: Yoshinori Ono, the producer and director behind Street Fighter IV, announced his resignation this morning via the tweet below.

Ono’s been with the developer since 2000, making the shift from PR to multiple development roles before becoming a full-on producer with the home release of 2005’s Capcom Fighting Jam.

His departure comes as a surprise – on the heels of the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV and the arcade-style expansion for Dead Rising 3, both Capcom Vancouver titles. Still, his exit doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s quit of the company entirely.

Ono, alongside Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian, were two of the most public personas for Street Fighter IV, getting out there and talking to press and fans, getting them hyped for the first numbered sequel in years. Killian left Capcom back in 2012, joining Sony Santa Monica for a brief stint.

I am curious what’s going on internally at Capcom: Deep Down was nowhere to be seen at this year’s E3 and most of their offerings on the show floor were titles that were already out or on the verge of release. Two veterans out doesn’t come close to constituting a brain drain, but from the outside, it does look like there’s a marked slowdown in new ideas coming out of Capcom HQ.