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The Log Lady Returns For TWIN PEAKS-Inspired Music Video

The Log Lady Returns For TWIN PEAKS-Inspired Music Video

The past year has been something of a roller-coaster ride for Twin Peaks fans; every few months there’s been a new rumor about David Lynch and Mark Frost returning for something new in time for the seminal show’s 25th Anniversary next year, only to be shot down every time as being mere rumor (although a Blu-ray containing the entire series and the prequel movie Fire Walk With Me is confirmed as coming soon, including new special features, so that’s something).

In the meantime, fans have been continuing Twin Peaks on their own; there’s been a third season created entirely by fans and executed entirely on Twitter, and now the band Pretty Little Demons, a garage rock duo comprised of 13-year-old Lydia Night (singer, songwriter and guitar player) and 11-year-old Marlhy Murphy (drummer) have released their own Twin Peaks-inspired music video, which features a preamble from the Log Lady herself, actress Catherine Coulson, reprising her role for the first time in over twenty years. The video was written, directed, produced and edited by Morgan Higby Night, singer Lydia Night’s father.

In talking to Welcome to Twin Peaks, he said “The girls learned the song backwards and are playing it backwards in The Black Lodge to be true to how David Lynch filmed it; Twin Peaks is my daughter’s second favorite show. Buffy is the first.”  Adding an extra layer of authenticity to the whole thing, David Lynch’s granddaughter Syd Lynch did the make-up for the video.


  1. Jellymoff says:

    These ladies are amazing, I’ve seen them perform and have their first EP. Can’t wait to see what great things they do in the future.

  2. Thanks for the link! By the way, the fan-written 3rd season of Twin Peaks is called Enter the Lodge (@EnterTheLodge, not @TwinPeaksThree).