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The Living Building

This video’s been going around for about a week, but it’s still pretty cool if you haven’t seen it yet: it’s a school building, animated.  Guillaume Reymond produced the video, shot at a Swiss high school; they had students stand in each window opening, closing, and sliding shutters to create… art, I suppose.  The video includes “making of” footage, in case you want to do your own version and want some pointers.

HT: Neatorama


  1. Lucy says:

    Just when I think the internet can’t top itself, shit like this shows up.

    I can’t express how freaking in awe I am. Bravo everyone!

  2. University of Applied Sciences, not high school.

  3. Brandon E. says:

    This is super cool. My first thoughts go to who designed the building. Those outside shutters and inner windows are really interesting and could only exist in a place with few flying bugs.