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The Life-Sized LEGO X-Wing Fighter Has Landed

A LEGO X-Wing fighter? Cool.

A LIFE-SIZED LEGO X-Wing fighter? Insanely cool.

Yeah. 5.3 million LEGO bricks, 23 tons, 44-foot wingspan, all ready for the LEGO Star Wars Rebel Alliance to take into battle. And it’s been shipped to New York, where it’s being shown in Times Square for three days to promote the Cartoon Network’s The Yoda Chronicles before being moved — be still my heart — here to California, where it’ll take up residence at LEGOland in Carlsbad for the rest of the year.



There are a bunch more photos of the Times Square event here. Really, this is speechless-level awesome.

HT: Wired, Gizmodo


  1. Potter says:

    Fuckin Awesome

  2. michaelalexkawa says:

    This is so cool .