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The Legendary Booth Takes You Inside the Mind of Guillermo del Toro

It must be a pretty scary place inside Guillermo del Toro‘s brain, but also a pretty thrilling one. His movies are the kind of dark fairy tale we love are populated with all the magical and terrifying characters and creatures one could possibly want. At Comic-Con this weekend, people who visit the Legendary booth will have the chance to experience but a glimpse of the madness and wonderment inside the visionary filmmaker’s brain with looks at both the new Pacific Rim Oculus Rift as well as his upcoming film Crimson Peak.

Our own Dan Casey went on an exclusive jaunt into the Rift (where it seems thing did not go so well for Raleigh Becket) and got a guided tour of the Peak from the man with the plan himself, Guillermo del Toro. And, of course, he’s bringing you along for the ride. It’s a fantastical horror show; our favorite kind.

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