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The Legacy Music Hour: Mixtape #6: Flying and Shooting
Episode : The Legacy Music Hour
Mixtape #6: Flying and Shooting
The Legacy Music HourThe Legacy Music Hour

The Legacy Music Hour: Mixtape #6: Flying and Shooting

With musical styles that ranged from pop to march, metal to orchestral, the Flying and Shooting episode was a wonderful demonstration of retro VGM variety. KeyGlyph’s commendations list gets a little crazy for this installment, and she sincerely hopes yours does too!


Instant new favorite:  Herzog Zwei – Sleight of Hand
Other instant new favorite:  Silver Surfer – BGM II
Other other instant new favorite:  Lightening Force – Fighting Back

New brewed favorite:  Pop’n Twinbee – Village Sky
Other new brewed favorite:  1943 – Air Battle
Other other new brewed favorite:  Lightening Force – Metal Squad

Infinite Loop Award*:  Top Gun – Missile Select
Megazord Award**:  Lightening Force – Evil Destroyer

* a shorty that never seems to get old, no matter how many times you loop it
** a song you could assemble a Megazord to

Track listing and original episode: