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The Last Word in Liam Neeson Supercuts

I don’t know that the premise of this supercut by Slacktory of Liam Neeson “always getting the last word” is completely accurate. After all, in one of his most famous scenes, the one from Taken where he does the “I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you” thing, the kidnapper says, after a pause, “Good luck.” Although I suppose that by ultimately killing that guy, he DOES get the last word, just not right away. Anyway, last word or not, he always gets the good, forceful, kick-ass lines, the kind David Caruso can only wish he got, and he gets to do a lot of walk-offs. A bunch of them are packed into this.

Release the Kraken!

HT: Geekosystem and BuzzFeed