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The LAST OF US Movie Could Star Arya Stark

The LAST OF US Movie Could Star Arya Stark

Of the slew of video game-inspired films coming out way in the next few years, there are few that we’re looking forward to more than The Last of Us. Speaking at the Screen Gems panel at this year’s Comic-Con, writer Neil Druckmann revealed that, while his initial reaction to making a The Last of Us film was negative, he was enticed by the idea of having complete control over who will direct and who will be cast. Sam Raimi, the producer of the film adaptation, also joined Druckmann on the panel when they made an announcement that’s more exciting than finding materials to make a shiv on Grounded mode.

When one of the finest video games in recent memory finally becomes a film, it could star Games of Thrones Arya Stark, better known to us non-Westerosi citizens as actress Maisie Williams. While no contracts have been signed by either party, Druckmann and the Last of Us team had a promising meeting with Williams. As fans of both the HBO series and the game, we think she’d be fantastic. Sony even tweeted out a mock-up of a poster to whet our collective appetites:

Sony LOS

Let’s hope that when the movie eventually comes out, the emotional impact infecting the survival horror game can shine through in a typical two-hour run time.



  1. Glen says:

    Either Josh Brolin or Ewan McGregor to play Joel. Both are amazing actors and have so much charisma that they could play the part beautifully

  2. frank says:

    I think Hugh Jackman would play Joel perfectly

  3. Colin B. says:

    I think Josh Brolin would do an epic job as Joel, the other protagonist in the film. I will keep my fingers crossed.