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The King of All Monster Movie Interviews: The Godzilla Cast

We are a mere work week away from seeing the beauty of a 500 ft. tall kaiju destroying major cities across the globe in theaters across the globe. Godzilla is finally being ushered to audiences everywhere four years after Legendary entered into partnership with Toho to secure the rights to create the film. It’s been a long road, but producer Thomas Tull and director Gareth Edwards have created a heartfelt, action-filled summer popcorn flick.

The movie has plenty of action and thrills, but, as expected, Gareth Edwards has weighted the film in a very human experience. That experience is brought to life by the dynamic cast of Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Filling the roles of a family affected at every turn by the return of the King of All Monsters, every character fills a specific need and come together beautifully.

We talked to the cast and creators of the film about the emotional roles the cast filled,  the care the director and producers took in guiding the film to the screen and the unconventional but perfect tone the film in our recent interviews. Watch now and then comment below how you think you’d fair as a bystander in the middle of a battle between monsters.