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The K Ohle #41: Pet-o-Philia with Max Silvestri
Episode 41: The K Ohle with Kurt…
Pet-o-Philia with Max…
The K Ohle with Kurt BraunohlerThe K Ohle with Kurt Braunohler

The K Ohle #41: Pet-o-Philia with Max Silvestri

Comedian Max Silvestri sits down with Kurt and talks biz, animals, and how Max and Kurt both thought people could remotely view them when they were 12. Kurt rants about the internet mostly.

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  1. badabingo says:

    Great episode! Also, I love your rants so rant away.

  2. idiomidiot says:

    Maybe the wigs they wore back in the day and you’re blinded when you’re wool gets pulled over your eyes aka fooled.